Had Enough? Call a real one. Hire female Houston strippers from a Houston stripper.

           Let me just get to the point. Here is a list of websites to avoid, simply because the models on the websites are fake, old, retired, whatever. Some sites will even offer you a lower price, or multiple “packages”, which are basically the same thing. They just add  a promise of the show being “naughtier” or “spicier”. They claim that they will turn it up a notch. WHATEVER! My prices are spelled out clearly, with the difference just being that one is topless, and the other show includes full nudity with toys. I still bring and give your party all that I’ve got either way. Anyway, in order to avoid any bullshit charges to your card, extra or hidden costs, non-existent models, and other disappointments that could upset the great night you and yours had planned, I strongly advise you to avoid these sites:

rkhoustonstrippers.com and strippersforyou.com are run by the same male idiot named Michael, who lives in California. He uses several company names to post charges on credit cards, probably because he has to constantly change them. He also has several other “national” websites.

You should ask Milano, who operates bestintexasstrippers.com what she really looks like as well. Not bad looking, just not the white girl who is in the photo under her name. Carmen does not exist either – oh! except for on the Instagram page where I found her. That girl ain’t coming to your Houston or Austin party- because she lives in Las Vegas. Lmao! I used to work with her, and I’m the one who helped her get paid. Yeah, girl, if you’re reading this, I am glad we fell out because I’m no longer being used. You can talk shit and come for me, but all I have to do is state facts about you.

     Apparently, there has been a Florida-based website, hotpartystripper.com, whom I have caught sending texts to customers who already had me booked, urging people not to book me for a party. I’m sure they would try to steal the crumbs off anyone’s plate, and that’s sad. Sean Michaels also tends to keep fake or old photos on his site, in order to look like he has the most strippers or the best quality. Ha! Either way, there is no telling, so for your own benefit, if you choose to go with his company, make sure you are comfortable with the pics you receive well in advance. Ask to confirm with the actually selected stripper over the phone. I have my own website, with my own photos and videos, so I am definitely not worried about what he has to say about me. The only thing I change is my hair from time to time. So, if that offends you or turns you off, (because you are judgemental and do not know how to judge what you see) then scroll on to the next one. Hey, I can’t win them all, and at least I certainly don’t try by cheating like these others do.

           In fact, I think I might as well sue some of them. How can I run my own business with these scammers that surround me? F****** crazy! It’s so terrible and so bad that you have no idea! People from out of state, and now in my own city (who I’ve worked with and taught things to ) are dragging my name through the mud. I was successful off of backpage.com for years as a stripper for parties, and now that that website has succumbed to its controversy, I have had to market myself on Google; and these wannabe self-entitled kingpins of stripping hate it. Here is another classic example of men trying to oppress women in their own line of business. Can a chick do her own thing for herself, without a nasty hater? It’s bad enough how they lie and cheat the other entertainers. I have already paid my dues. I’ve been through the crap, especially with these out of state websites. They post an ad over the others, expect a dancer to have a partner (who is the dancer’s personal friend who she/he went and found, not theirs), and then proceed to charge a booking fee for themselves for each stripper. Wouldn’t you think that a website should only be able to charge one booking fee? No, instead they charge for every dancer that you order. That’s greedy and unfair, right? And not only that, but these entertainers are going to expect more tips even sooner, or else they are going to be unhappy and put on a lousy show. These desperate sites unjustly post their ads and websites over truthful companies. This is why I don’t even bother to try building a team anymore. Most female strippers are disloyal, and will quickly betray and eat with anyone. One of the Houston strippers who is trying to compete with me now (and she’s lying with fake photos) is a consequence of me trusting another loser. Anyway, you can take from this whatever you want to; but whoever you choose, choose wisely. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya. This post has been a long time coming. I’m no longer giving a shit about the drama it looks like I have. No, it’s been dealt to me, and I am officially sick and tired of them all.



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