The good ol’ bait & switch. 3/15/19

I’m exposing people who have gone out of their way to cheat me out of my own income through the efforts I have solely, personally put in. There is no loyalty to anyone in the stripping hustle, but these assholes have gotten way out of line; and, if you happened to dig up my website or blog under the crap that placed itself above me, then it was meant to be.

From the time I started working in the private party business, I have had to struggle with male owned websites trying to dominate as if they were some kind of kingpins. Now recently, it’s been women turning on each other, especially me; I’m to blame why they are even around in the first place. If you don’t let people use you, they will really abuse you it seems. Anyway, fuck the emotional shit – I’m getting straight to the facts. Whatever you do with this information is your call. Maybe you care, maybe not. If you’re a small business owner like me, you will definitely be able to relate to my struggles to be seen and sought out. And if you’re laughing, thinking “too bad”, then you probably have to cheat to win as well. And, I bet you lose just as much, if not more.

One owner, Michael Braja, several websites in at least 2 cities alone (I’ll just worry about what really affects me):,,, For every site that pops up that isn’t his, he will make another one and another and another one…and all he does is switch up new stock photos from different cities and websites. He had other websites a while back, but they have since been renamed or disappeared. Word has gotten around that his website and others such as Sean Michael’s (who resides in Florida) do not hardly if ever, send any of the chosen female strippers, and the ones that actually do show up are not fun, nor professional. Now, now, Sean does have some real ladies on his site; however, good luck trying to figure out which ones they are. Some photos have been there for years. And speaking of old ass photos of retired strippers (if that’s what they really were), just look at for the 2005 year printed in some. Ha! I’ve got enough to deal with, with Google’s bullshit of ripping off my business and others; I am not going to tolerate jealous skanks who I used to work with (and help her get paid when she was broke as f***), such as Milano who finally put up her own site, and who copied my style, and is trying to use it against me. She finally just took down some of her fake photos because I am not playing around. She’s posing as a white girl on her own site. But she’s not doing that on Sean Michael’s site. Weird.  I do not care if she claims it’s a privacy issue. Those girls do not look anything like the substitute photos. They wish. Yeah, I know a couple of them too. Jealous, selfish haters who went astray. Another thing I have noticed is that she does not go hard with the advertising in other cities she wants to do business in. Look, Houston is not Las Vegas, and even in Vegas, competition is fierce and thousands of women are out there for the same purpose. After all, it is a party city aka sin city. When I worked with some of those females previously, they knew work was spread out, and sometimes getting to more parties in one weekend was geographically impossible! In fact, most parties that do take place do not have strip clubs or bars (or reputable ones at least) nearby. Or, it’s a surprise, and trying to smoothly plan or convince 15 or more friends (or family members) to drive to an expensive club is out of the question. Furthermore, Texas is holy compared to other ambitious cities – and they wanna fight me over your house party – just wow! So, when these chicks get a little taste of not working at a club all night for the easy cash, they get thirsty really quick. They cannot believe that not everyone is looking in all the right places and keywords. They also did not listen to me about not spending all of the money either. Because I will not put up with self-entitlement, especially from mediocre women who were never the brains behind my genius, I very rarely go looking for a dance partner, let alone call them a friend, more like an associate. Sad, right? I am in college, planning on leaving this shallow corner of the world.

Customers have shown me texts where someone within Sean Michael’s company, either himself or Cherese, have attempted to block me from going to a party, in which I ended up getting anyway (and the boys loved it). I have also heard an accidental voicemail about myself. They tell people not to go with me, and lie about me, saying whatever they can come up with. They may even be still employing this creepy ass wannabe psychic stalker who tries to convince female strippers to let him be their bouncer. He’s a little bitch of a dude, Jeff Kolbaski, who tries to play with females’ minds, and probably the customers. His old stripper names have been Chase and Hunter.

Anyway, these people better stop wasting my money and getting in my way. I love what I do, I am always present in the moment, and I will not allow someone to kill my career and my income before I am ready to leave.

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