The game of cat and mouse….these people want me dead…literally. I have done nothing to them.

I don’t get what Sean Kapetanakos, his attorney fiancé, and Cherese Lima are trying to expose here. I have never been ashamed to be an exotic dancer, and I do not care who knows. What pisses me off are the lies of thievery, bad looks, bad performance, and God knows what else they are saying. I truly do not deserve this drama at all. They are really trying to destroy me as a person! I simply don’t understand it. These people live in Florida and Nevada, and we have never met. I had barely done maybe 4 shows for Sean more than a few years ago, and I have worked with some others and on my own site before and afterwards. Let me tell you all the situation of each of these shows:

  1. I had a successful show at a Vietnamese bar with another female (no thanks to her because she was heavily on drugs as I realized later, and so I fired her). We were late because of her, but we made it. I also got invited back to a birthday at the same location within a few months.
  2. Sometime in the summer of 2014 (I seriously don’t remember what date) Sean sent me to a house that I felt extremely uncomfortable with because the six or seven men (and one woman) wanted me to wait until the two other female strippers were gone to do my show, and the way they were looking at me made me feel very unsafe; so, I left without collecting any money. And guess where I went? To another party that I already had (40 minutes away) through another website.
  3. This show was the party where Sean asked the girl if I passed out any of my business cards. Let me tell ya’ll- first off, she picked out a “Jazzelle” who also is on his website as “Faith.” NONEXISTENT! Sean instructed me from the time I first started with him to never call the customer until 30 minutes before the party starts if we are not the chosen dancer. NO WAY! I know I’m reasonably attractive, and if someone does not want me, then I don’t want to be there. So, the female customer asked me if I was Jazelle- of course not! Before I even sent my own photos to her, she stated that if I was not Jazelle, that she wanted a $50 discount. I told her that she’d have to get it from Sean, because I was not doing any show for $50 off of my own fee. Then, after I sent my photos she said that I could come dance for her husband’s birthday. I arrived on that day, she tried the same thing again, saying she wanted a discount because I was not Jazelle. I told her to call Sean because I was now going to leave, that she had already saw my photo and said I could come (this lady was trash, and trying to get away with something herself), and then because I was not having it in any way, she gives me the full fee and lets me do the show. Her husband enjoyed it all; she was smiling. Well, later she calls Sean and STILL tries to get $50 back. Sean told me we were done, and I said “yes, we are.”
  4. My first introduction to Cherese Lima (Wahrer) came in 2016. She lied to me and told me that she was another website but used to work with Hot Party Stripper, and she somehow had my contact info and was reaching out to send me to a bachelor party. I was available and took it. On the way to this party, I was informed by the host that a guy bouncer named Jeff Kolbaski and an old stripper named Paige were already there, and that the party wanted them to leave. He told me that Jeff was trying to regulate the tipping to Paige, and basically bugging the shit out of them. I told the host to try to keep him there (because I was about to go off)! How crazy was it that this sick man who stalks strippers who don’t want to work with them was there. I hadn’t seen him since 2013, and he’d still randomly call or text me and try telling me weird things about my life (supposedly what he thought he knew), and hurl a bunch of insults at me…until I discovered the block button on my phone. Although I made money, it felt like some sort of set up to see what I was up to. (Long story) Well, they were gone by the time I arrived. The next day I called Cher (Cherese) and told her to keep Jeff’s creepy ass away from me, and she lied saying that she didn’t even know who I was talking about. That was also the end of my partnership with Hot Party Stripper. And they have been terrible to me ever since.


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