Copy Cats: The Watchers

I’m just going to sum up what I will not tolerate from anyone.

1.) Never waste my time by pretending to be interested in hiring me for your boyfriend or husband just so you can try to find out what I do in my private shows. B*tch, I can tell. I’ve already conquered some of you. And, when I see that website of yours all of a sudden mysteriously pop up after the strange chat box messages or texts I’ve received, the cancellations that do not make sense, the rebooking situations I have actually refused (just to see if I am even busy), ohh- and the constant impressions on Google that I monitor through my ads, I AM GOING TO WRECK WHAT YOU TRIED TO STEAL. How dare any person not even try to ask me, join me, PAY ME, but watch what I do, get jealous (or maybe you’re broke because you’re stupid – don’t blame corona), and then she (and he) thinks that they are simply going to not only figure out how to outbid me on Google, but THEY WASTE MY MONEY BY CLICKING MY ADS in order to confuse and hurt me?!

2.) I, let me say again, I am a real exotic entertainer. YOU are just a self-entitled lazy ***. Mia London, who goes by Milano, is the narcissist of all narcissists, the epitome of a fake and a snake. I kept telling her to back off, and that master of hers in Arizona, and his several starving bitches, and now I have to write about it. I dare her to find this post – 2 years later and she’s still playing stupid games for stupid prizes.

There is so much back-stabbing in this line of work. It’s everywhere, but damn. I should not be this stressed out every day as I work on my new business. The whole economy is constantly up and down, but God always provides. I wake up every day hoping I will not have to worry about losing my dollars unnecessarily to extreme hate, but these women come out of nowhere to zap my energy anyway they can. And what’s so sad is the more I stay calm, telling myself that maybe it’s random, the harder they try. I control my advertising system, they realize it and try something new. Such losers. You know why they want your party soooo bad? Because it’s easy money. Once it gets handed to them, they know they can make a certain range depending on each event. All of the rest of these websites that surround me really have no idea who they are hiring, what mental condition that person is in, and don’t care what these people do. Only when I act and defend myself, then it becomes quiet…until they cannot understand why it is so quiet – which means once again, they know nothing. However, I have always had all the answers.

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