My Advice: Avoid Hiring Strippers/Exotic Dancers from a Strip Club.

They are unreliable. If they have never (ever) performed at a private birthday party or bachelor party event, they will not know what to do to keep a great entertaining show going, and will most likely be too nervous and apprehensive to commit to it. Most female strippers in clubs just know how to give a basic lap dance, which mostly ┬áconsists of grinding too slow or too fast and not on the beat, a boring unchanging routine. They are also used to dealing with one customer more intimately, and not able to engage with the whole party/audience. And, frankly this – they are all about their money as quickly as possible, and just not as fun. They will definitely skip your party, with excuses, especially if it is for a Friday or Saturday night, or their best customer decides that he wants to come in. I have lost count of how many times I have replaced a club-hired stripper on the day of the show; and, although I am grateful to have been chosen to save it, I find the coincidence of me not having anything else to dance at just a bit frustrating. These situations just appear to me as if that stripper was not being honest in the first place, having no intentions to commit. She was probably only trying get you to spend more on her at the club, with you hoping to guarantee her arrival with assurance. Just saying. Glad I could be there though!