Don’t Be Fooled – They’re Not Winning! And they still don’t get it.

Soooo… recently, on December 08, 2019 (8 for the hate, ya dig?) after 2 months of harassment from Cherese Lima (Wahrer) and Sean Kapetanakos of HOT PARTY STRIPPER (based in Florida, but Cherese lives in Reno, Nevada) with fake bad reviews, someone from Google took it on his/her own accord to remove my ‘Google My Business’ page (due to ‘quality issues’ of course). After watching me build my page and being authentically reviewed by parties that I did a great job at, these people became extremely upset about the seven or eight real reviews that I already had. “Cher L” wrote her first negative review, then again a week later, then the next week one more, then TWO the following week, then another TWO the following week…..and all the while working to try to bring their own star ranks up, thinking that by doing so they would be placed above all the other webpages. HAAAAA! WRONG! THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS! Cherese reeeaaallly thought that by doubling up the bad reviews for me while doubling the fake positive reviews for that I would not be able to catch up, and her plan was to get my page down to a pathetic 1.0 stars so that YOU, the potential customer, would just scroll on past me. If you have time, you can read about her threats to ruin my page below or above this piece you are reading now. Now, that I have had to watch what they are doing in return, I promise what I have seen in the last two months: every Friday or Saturday, this company writes a fake five-star review. They write these by 3am of the next morning. Within the last month, they have been starting to give themselves perfect reviews during the week, by Wednesday, at the same time by 3am. AND THEY ARE STILL AT THE BOTTOM OF MOST LISTINGS – SO DUMB! And I know exactly why that is. Let’s see how long it takes for these dummies to figure it out. I will be posting my proof of my page and everything they did before it was completely destroyed. In the meanwhile, I have now got to figure out who is trying to butcher my website by hacking the tools I have installed on my homepage. It may be them too, or it could be some poor little slum dog in India (I can see visitors from India on my website daily) who only wishes I would buy his pathetic design and SEO services. What a cruel world we live in..